Longtime Circus Sponsor Insists Animals Belong in the Ring

Wed, August 23, 2017 3:45 PM | Anonymous

NEW YouTube video: Longtime circus sponsor insists animals belong in the ring (and so do their trainers on Kelly Miller)

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A self-styled “ardent circus fan” and “traditionalist,” Frank Vopasek is an unabashed advocate of circuses with animals.  As circus chairman during the past three decades for the Little Ferry, NJ, fire department, Vopasek says he has had access to circus backyards “24/7” and has yet to see any sign of animal abuse.  In a mid-July 2017 interview on a Kelly Miller Circus lot at Mine Hill, NJ, Vopase praised the Oklahoma-based circus for continuing its rich heritage of featuring both humans and animals in its daily performances.  He’s optimistic that this cultural form of entertainment will continue, in spite of well; funded efforts of anti-animal groups to deny patrons of their opportunities to see the four-footed creatures cavort in the ring.

My latest YouTube video (see link above) also features interviews with 4th-generation elephant trainer Joey Frisco, veteran trainers Mike and Carolyn Rice, and Kelly Miller GM Tavana Brown. Veteran circus photographer Paul Gutheil joins the on-camera testimonials on behalf of circus animals.   Feel free to share.

 The traditional circus cultural war continues.  

In the next few days, look for another YouTube video featuring Tavana Brown and Rebecca Ostroff describing the cultural adjustment that males had to make toward their new female General Manager and ringmaster-Performance Director, respectively.

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