Code of Ethics

I. TO SERVE the welfare of community, state, and nation by conducting my business with the public on the highest level of integrity; by treating my patrons as my guests, and by issuing no false or misleading statements to the public.

II. TO PRESENT clean, wholesome rides, shows, and concessions that best serve the public by entertaining and enriching; that maintain good will, secure friendship, and sponsor loyalty for the carnival industry; that seek to promote the objectives of the fair industry; and that contribute to public education.

III. TO WRITE no contract with fairs except on a basis that permits a reasonable profit for all concerned; and to strive to fulfill the provisions of legal contracts executed by me.

IV. TO MAINTAIN fair dealings with fair representatives, business associates, and employees; to refrain from disseminating false or malicious information about fellow OABA members; and to accept my responsibility for cooperating in every reasonable and proper way with all OABA members.