“Webinar on the Midway” on Sale

"Slaying the Wage and Hour Dragon: Lessons We Have Learned from Audits and Class Action Lawsuits"  As part of our continuing "Webinar on the Midway" series, this OABA educational series was presented by industry attorney R. Wayne Pierce, Adventure Lawyer with the Pierce Law Firm, LLC on March 20th. This webinar explored what we have learned from numerous wage and hour audits and the challenges you've faced to protect your family business. It also developed an action plan for a successful preventive law program that will minimize your exposure! If you have missed this series, you can purchase the full webinar package for $100. Please contact our OABA office at 800-517-6222 for details. Don't delay and purchase your "Webinar on the Midway" TODAY! … [Read more...]


CalPRO Litigation Invalidates California Regulation

CalPRO Litigation Invalidates California Regulation Regarding Inspection Fees  On March 11 OABA affiliate California Portable Amusement Ride Operator’s “CalPRO” counsel, Boyd Jensen and Betty Fracisco, announced the Los Angeles Appellate Court’s very favorable opinion declaring invalid a 2010 enacted regulation tripling ride inspection fees. This effort, pursued by OABA members in California, was the culmination of several years of work repelling the fee increase by injunctions and lower court rulings, which the Los Angeles appellate court unanimously upheld. Jensen indicated that California’s inspection unit could still appeal further to the California Supreme Court, but he believed that unlikely. History of Litigation CalPRO LLC was formed almost 10 years ago when California Division of Occupational Safety and Health “DOSH”, under the Department of Industrial Relations, began advancing a program of ride inspection fee increases. Inspection fees at that time were already among … [Read more...]


FCRA File Disclosures to Consumers – Fees

Every year the federal government is mandated to consider whether to raise the ceiling on allowable charges under section 612(f) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) with respect to what a consumer can be charged for certain file disclosures by a consumer reporting agency (“CRA”).  The task was previously handled by the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”).  It is now handled by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) when that responsibility was transferred from the FTC to the CFPB pursuant to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010. The fee originally started at $8.00 in 1997 and over the years has inched upward.  Every January 1stthe CFPB is required to consider whether and how much to increase the $8.00 amount referred to in section 612(f)(1)(A)(i) of the FCRA.  After crunching the numbers, the fee remains the same as last year — $11.50.  This is what CRAs may charge a consumer for a file disclosure under section 609 of the FCRA.  Note … [Read more...]