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Exotic Animal Legislative Update From Mary Lou Kelly

Thu, January 10, 2019 7:44 PM | Deleted user

Attached is the most recent animal issues update.  As most of you have heard, the Governor of Hawaii signed the new exotic animal rules on December 20, which prohibit dangerous wild animals from being brought into the state for circuses, carnivals, and other public exhibitions.  Also, Mindy Patterson at the Calvary Group caught news just before Christmas that the city of Ferndale, Michigan enacted a ban on the display or performance of wild or exotic animals on public or private property in the city. This action was spurred by PeTA complaints about the use of reindeer and other animals during the city's holiday festival last year. The link to the text of the ordinance is in the Legislation chart. Also in this week's newsletter is coverage of the unfortunate incident in North Carolina where a 22-year-old zoo intern was killed by a lion who got out of his nearby enclosure. On the Legislation chart, I removed the local ordinances that had no further action as of the end of 2018 (since some, such as Los Angeles, have been pending since 2017). I will continue to monitor these items, and if any of these ordinances have future activity, I will put them back on our chart. [read more]

Thank you!
Mary Lou Kelly

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