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Message From 2020 Chair, Debbie Powers

Thu, March 19, 2020 4:43 PM | Sue Gallup (Administrator)

Dear Industry Family,

If you have known me for more than a second or two, you know I am a faith based individual !  It has, and always will sustain me through the trying times and the good times !  We have fought so hard on other issues facing our industry and then a tiny, unseen negative creeps into our world and brings us to our knees.  I hope while we are here, we are all praying and asking for a quick solution, but more importantly, a healthy one.  I personally do not know of anyone who has contracted the virus but I would also like to keep it that way !  As of yesterday’s report there have been no reported cases in the county of NC that we live in ( that being said I do live in remotesville NC!).
As a forceful group of people with ingenious, insightful and intellectual abilities, we will get to the other side of this with a grateful attitude and a stronger perspective on diseases that have the capacity to plague us.

We all know this is not the fault of any one of us.  This being true of so many of the afflictions we face !  We are all in this together so we must band together more than ever!  Our President, Greg Chiecko, is in constant communication with other industry organizations and keeps us abreast on everything he hears !   Also, our lobbyists, led by Gregg Hartley, have been very busy in D.C. attending various meetings speaking out on our behalf to aid us financially!  Kudos to all their efforts!
When all the legislation is resolved and comes to fruition, we should all take advantage of its availability.  We will continue to keep everyone abreast on any and all developments.   
We all need to keep a clear head and stay focused on a positive outcome in the shortest amount of time while keeping everyone safe and healthy!  It’s amazing all the tasks I never have time to do that I can now do.  So why am I not doing them ???  I guess they are selective jobs I’ve decided I do not care to do!
While this craziness continues, spend time with your families, do those unwanted jobs, and most importantly, look to the positive aftereffect!   We will have bigger crowds with more money ready to enjoy the services we bring to them!
I ask all of you that have any kind of faith to join me in praying for our country, our leaders, our people and all the sick. Also, that prosperity be brought back to our nation in a greater intensity than ever before !

My thoughts and prayers to all

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