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Each Program is individually priced.  Prices do not include a $5 shipping charge per program which will be added to your total. To order a Program call the OABA office at 1-800-517-OABA or go to the Contact Us page on the site and email us your order along with your contact information.

Circle of Excellence Quality Assessment Program

The Circle of Excellence program was developed by the OABA’s Excellence Committee to raise the level of safety and quality in the mobile amusement industry. This voluntary assessment program concentrates on five operations areas: ride safety, personnel, game concessions, food service and transportation. The OABA members who achieve the Circle of Excellence status are highly sought after by fairs and events looking for a reliable and responsible midway partner. Any carnival, independent ride owner or concession owner may elect to participate in the Circle of Excellence Quality Assessment.

For more information or to schedule your Quality Assessment, contact Jerry Aldrich, Audit Coordinator at 407.239.6336. Members can find additional information on the Circle of Excellence Quality Assessment Program in our Member’s Only section.

Safety & Guest Relations Series DVD/CD
Member $500/Non-Member $800

This powerful new professional training series, sponsored by Haas & Wilkerson Insurance, was originally produced by F. “Red” Wood, a pioneer in safety and education in the carnival industry. The set includes a DVD with the video training and a CD with downloadable versions of the materials and tests for instructors and trainees as well as a Power Point presentation. Each set has an English and Spanish version.

Training topics include:

1. Blocking and Leveling

2. Proper Use of Fasteners

3. Inspection & Documentation

4. Guest Relations

Children’s Ride Safety Education Program – FREE

The Children’s Ride Safety Education Program was developed by Patty Sullivan, CEO of Eli Bridge Corporation. It is a user friendly, easy to follow, presentation for young people ages 6-12 in grades K-6. It is a great program to use in addition with the OABA Safe Fun at the Carnival video.


Download Childrens Safety Training Package

  • Ride Safety Training (Primary Schools Presentation, General Audiences)
  • Safety In the Community Presentation for Seminars
  • Instructor Outline: Ride Safety Training in Primary Schools
  • Safety Tips SP for Safety Education CD
  • Safer Parks: 5 Steps to Safer Thrills
  • Safety Presentation Drawing Sheets
  • Safety Education Coloring Pictures
Safe Fun at the Carnival DVD – $20

Produced for children ages 6-12, this 8-minute video includes safe behavior while visiting the carnival midway. The video starts with the family at home preparing to go to a fair and instructs children as to what clothes and shoes to wear. It then discusses rules to follow for ride safety and general safe behavior on the midway.

Media Training Video & Planning Booklet – $20

Be prepared to handle the media in a crisis situation; assign responsibilities for dealing with priority issues within your organization and ensure that such issues are handled in accordance with your amusement company’s established policies and procedures.

Games: Colorful Past…Spectacular Future DVD – $20

This 12-minute video traces the history of carnival game concessions from the earliest days of stick joints and khaki canvas to the present where brightly colored canvas, themed by individual carnivals and fully self-contained state of the art concession trailers are now the norm. As part of the Foundation for the Future program, it discusses the importance of raising standards by adhering to generally accepted game operation guidelines, included with video.

Safe and Profitable Food Concessions DVD – $20

Learn how successful food concessionaires increase revenue in this 11-minute video highlighting the importance of safe food preparation, food service and guest relations on the midway. This video also highlights the importance of raising operation standards to conform with the OABA’s Foundation for the Future program.

Animal Welfare & Education (AWE) Program – $20 each

AWE Notebook
This is a Notebook of resource materials compiled by the OABA’s Circus Committee. It includes information about the circus industry and animal exhibitors as well as tips on media training and testifying before legislators. This information can be formatted into your own press kit or materials.

Produced by the OABA’s Circus Unit, this video is designed to help educate event sponsors, legislators and others who are interested in the entertainment, education and lifestyle of performing animals. There is also a condensed version of this video for public officials to counter the voices of animal extremists who continue to challenge the rights of owners of performing animals.

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