OABA Circus Fund

Circus Fund donations are used to help the OABA maintain the right of circuses and USDA licensed performing animal owners to provide Americans with educational exhibits and performances of exotic animals. Funds allow the Association to hire professionals to assist with legislative and regulatory challenges that threaten our members’ businesses.


As a special thank you for your minimum donation of $25 to this most important fund, you will receive a beautiful 2014/2015 Camel lapel pin. Contact the OABA to request previous years’ pins from the collection, as they may also be available.Those who contribute at least $25 will be listed in our Circus Fund Contribution Report for one month in the ShowTime magazine. Donors of $50 or more will be listed in our Annual Contribution list published in the Midway Marquee Directory and listed every month in ShowTime.

To contribute to the Circus Fund, make your check payable to the OABA Circus Fund and mail to:

1035 S. Semoran Blvd., Ste. 1045A
Winter Park, FL 32792

The Big “E”/NAME 6,000
Circus Producers Association, Inc. 3,000
Hanneford Circus 2,500
Have Trunk Will Travel 1,000
Kathleen Nelson 1,000
Zoppe Family Circus 1,000
Forepaugh-Lubin Tent No. 2, CFA – in memory of Joyce Vidbel & Mary Ruth Herriott 879
Alliance of Professional Animal 500
Edward Limbach – in honor of James Cole 350
James B. Rittle 260
Avic-Versi Creative, Jen Burge 250
Bari & John E. Hart, Jr. – in memory of Jake Conover 250
National Showmens Association 250
Wayne Scheiner 247
OABA Circus Committee Meeting 170
George A. Hamid Tent #109 150
Niles F. Calhoun – in honor of David & Sharon Orr 100
Carson & Barnes Circus 100
CFA Adler/Binder Tent Officers Maxine House, Henry Pearce & Jack Belles – in memory of Frank Robie 100
Paul Gutheil – in fond memory of John Herriott 100
W. Allan Kirk 100
Connie Thomas 100
Felix Adler-Paul Binder Tent No. 12, CFA 100
Serge Coronas 75
Brian Liddicoat 60
Earl & Monica Moore 60
Anthony & Gabriella Digilio 50
Don Dilloway 50
Dan Kroeger 50
Edward F. Proud 50
Bill & Chris Schreiber – in memory of Johnny Herriott 50
Bill, Chris & Daniel Schreiber – in memory of Jim Rhoney 50
Patty Sullivan 50
Clayton Mowery 35
Robert Keith 25
Misc. Contributors 340
TOTAL $19,451