OABA Jammin’ Jamborees

OABA Jammin' Jamborees The Jammin’ Jamboree program is an OABA co-hosted party held onsite with our Carnivals for their employees and associates on the show. The program is designed to be a fun way to help raise funds to protect the future of your family business and preserve, promote and protect the mobile amusement industry. This program is simple and exciting. For many Shows it is a much-anticipated annual event. For details about our Jammin’ Jamborees go to the Members Only section. To book your Jamboree, please call Al DeRusha at 612.991.2984.


2015 OABA Jammin’ Jamboree Schedule
Twentieth Century Rides Brownsville, TX March 4
PBJ Happee Days Shows Marion, AR May 5
West Coast Amusements Swift Current, SK June 24
A Fantasy Amusement Co. St. Charles, IL July 14


2015 Jammin’ Jamboree Totals
Twentieth Century Rides 9,117
PBJ Happee Day Shows 3,800
TOTAL $12,917